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From Eli Roth and a friend of a friend . . . of a friend comes a nightmarish anthology showcasing classic urban legends. Each cinematically crafted tale preys on our most deeply embedded fears, delivering a horrifying and tension-fueled experience.

TV Series  -  Runtime: 35m  to 42m  -  Genre: Horror  - Prod: Cream Productions


Episode 103 - The White Dress


Premiere:  11th November 2022

An insecure high-schooler buys the perfect prom dress from a vintage store in the hope of impressing her crush. But when she experiences a series of ghostly occurrences, she begins to suspect the dress’ previous owner may be haunting her.

White Dress 1.jpg
UL WD 22.jpg
White Dress 3.jpg

Episode 104 - The Choking Doberman


Premiere:  18th November 2022

After her neighbor is brutally murdered, a woman installs a new security system in her home and adopts a Doberman for protection. But when her dog is rushed to the vet, she’s left alone to outwit the murderer, who is now targeting her.

Doberman 2.jpg
Doberman 1.jpg
Doberman 15.jpg

Episode 106 - The Creep in the Walls


Premiere: 2nd December 2022

Following their mom’s death, two sisters renovate a neglected house they’ve inherited from her. But when one of them suspects their mom may be haunting them after a series of unexplained occurrences, it leads to a sinister discovery.

Creep 1.png
Creep 3.png
Creep 2.png
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