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An overwhelmed young woman listens to a sleep ambience app to unwind before bed, but when the sounds begin to blend with reality, she soon suspects it has conjured something frightening…

Short  -  Runtime: 7m  -  Subgenre: Supernatural

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Completed. Coming to festivals 2024...

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Layla: Bobby Rainsbury

Entity: Rowan Polonski

Prod. Company: Terror Arcade

Director: Ethan Evans

Producer: Jess Bartlett

Story: Ethan Evans

Writers: Ethan Evans & Jess Bartlett

Exec Producers: Jed Shepherd, Alex Noyer

Vinny Breslin & Shaunagh Connaire

1st AD: Mikel Iriarte

DOP: Marti Guiver

1st AC: Lucie Seymour

2nd AC: Bruno Maurice-Jones

Steadicam Op: Mike Vega

Camera Trainee: Billy Evans

Gaffer: Deimante Sprainaityte

Sparks: Caterina Castro & Lauren Eldon

Production Designer: Stuart Armstrong

Art Directors: Paddy Hornby & George Moore

Graphic Designer: Ethan Evans

SFX MU: Faye Russell

HMU Assistant: Marie Hughes

Costume: Alexi Kotkowska

Script Supervisor: Hania Pikulska

Sound Recordist: Mark Rhys Thomas

Production Assistant: Evie Nicholas

BTS & Stills Photographer: Kiera Simpson

Editors: Ethan Evans & Nick Bendle

D.I.T.: Nick Bendle

VFX Supervisor: Nick Bendle

VFX Artists: Loz Blackwell, Guy Pearson

& Billy Evans

Composer: Hollie Buhagiar

Sound Designer: Zara Weltman

Sound Mixer: George Elliott

Grade: Hannah Squires

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