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I'm an award-winning writer/director from Bristol UK with a passion for all things Horror. I specialise in supernatural horror, injecting grounded characters within worlds of nail-biting tension and creative, paranormal set-pieces.


I graduated from the Uni of Glos in 2018 with a First-Class Honours degree in film production. During my time there, I specialised in sound design and editing before gaining the confidence to pursue my main passion of writing and directing. In 2018, I founded the production company TERROR ARCADE with writer/producer Jess Bartlett. Under Terror Arcade, I've self-funded multiple award-winning horror shorts, including the BFI Future Film Lab award nominee WITHER which screened at prestigious festivals worldwide such as Fright Fest, BFI Future Film Festival and won ‘Best Horror Film’ at the Cardiff International Film Festival. In 2020, My 0-budget lockdown short STAGNANT won the Audience Choice Award in Arrow Video and Celluloid Screams' Horror Lockdown Competition. My second lockdown short TIME OUT has gained over 90 million views across platforms online after terrifying viewers on TikTok. I'm now developing TIME OUT into a feature-length adaptation.


Following these shorts, I was scouted to write and direct two episodes of THE HAUNTED MUSEUM in Canada for Travel Channel in 2021, which was exec produced by acclaimed horror filmmaker Eli Roth. Following the success of my episodes, I was invited back to write and direct episodes of URBAN LEGEND in 2022 under the guidance of Eli Roth.

I've recently completed OUTSIDE NOISE - an eerie proof-of-concept short exec produced by Jed Shepherd & Alex Noyer, due to premiere at festivals in 2024. Under Terror Arcade, I'm gearing up to write/direct my debut feature with which I aim to give you nightmares in the near future! My goal is to help sustain the UK’s recent reputation for delivering well-crafted horror films in the style of modern American classics but with a distinctly British flair.

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