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During a break-in, a thief discovers the house they knew to be vacant may actually be inhabited by something sinister.

Lockdown Short Film  -  Runtime: 3m  -  Genre: Paranormal

A 0 budget short created in a week during lockdown for Arrow Video x Celluloid Screams' Horror Lockdown Competition.


"Stagnant: we had a favourite jump scare in that, the reveal of the looking through the window - wonderful work! Great job on make-up!" - Aaron Moorhead & Justin Benson

"A mixture of Don't Breathe and Night of The Living Dead, Stagnant manages to pack more frights in its under three-minute runtime than most full-length feature films" - Horror Cult Films



- WINNER: Audience Choice Award - Arrow Video x Celluloid Screams' Horror Lockdown Competition 2020

1ST PLACE WINNER - Hostwatch Lockdown Shorts - Soho Horror Film Festival 2020

- Daily & Weekly WINNER - OneDumbVideo 2020



Soho Horror Film Festival 2020


Writer & Director: Ethan Evans
Jess Bartlett

Prod. Co: Terror Arcade
Production Assistant: Billy Evans
Original Music: Chris Köbke

Ghosts: Family

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