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In a town acclaimed for honouring ancient folklore, a young girl finds herself vulnerable to a sinister mythological farmer after failing to contribute to the annual tradition.

Short Film  -  Runtime: 3m 32s  -  Genre: Folk Horror 

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Best Horror FilmCardiff International Film Festival  (Won) 

Best Short FilmBlood & Garnish Horror Film Festival  (Won) 

Best ActorBlood & Garnish Horror Film Festival  (Won) 

Future Film Lab Award - BFI Future Film Festival (Nominated) 

Best Short - British Horror Film Festival (Nominated) 

Best Cinematography - British Horror Film Festival (Nominated) 

Best Supporting Actress - British Horror Film Festival (Nominated) 

Grand Prize - StokerCon's Final Frame Competition (Finalist)

Best Foreign Short - HorrOrigins (Nominated) 


Fright Fest (London) 2019

Telluride Horror Show 2019

BFI Future Film Festival 2020

Cardiff International Film Festival 2019

The British Horror Film Festival 2019

StokerCon's Final Frame 2020

Midsummer Scream's Screaming Room Fest 2021

Flint Fright Film Fest 2019

HorrOrigins 2019

Unrestricted View Horror Film Festival 2019

Ravenheart Film Festival 2020

Dead and SudBuried 2020

Twin Cities Horror Show Hot Dog 2019


Directed by: Ethan Evans

Written by: Ethan Evans & Jess Bartlett

Produced byJess Bartlett

D.O.P.Robin Niedojaldo

Prod Design: Rebecca Curran-Hughes 

Edited byNicholas Bendle 

Post SoundEthan Evans

Willow: Lamissah La-Shontae

Mrs Maple: Philippa Howard

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