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time out

Through an Instagram story, a babysitter documents the strange occurrences that arise after she discovers the homeowner's creepy 'Time Out' dolls.

Viral Short  -  Runtime: 3m  -  Subgenre: Found Footage, Paranormal

The short has currently accumulated over 90 MILLION views across all platforms!

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  • Vimeo
  • YouTube
  • TikTok


- DocTops

- LoeyBug

- ZachBealeTV

- Cjades

- Special Edd


Writer, Director & Sound: Ethan Evans
Producer: Jess Bartlett

Prod. Co.: Terror Arcade

Editor & PA: Nicholas Bendle

Costume Designer: Huw Evans

SFX Makeup: Faye Russell

Lighting Advisor: Robin Niedojadlo

Thanks: Ben Holmes, Gabriel Niedojadlo

Starring: Fiona McGarvey

Doll Double: April Miller

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