A secluded young boy unintentionally enters the magical world of his TV, only to discover a darker truth to the facade.

Short Film  -  Runtime: 9m  -  Genre: Dark Fantasy


Best Student Film - Bristol Rebel Film Festival (Nominated)

Best Bristol Film - Bristol Rebel Film Festival (Nominated)



BFI Future Film Festival 2019

Salem Horror Fest 2018

Bristol Rebel Film Festival 2019

Birmingham Horror Fest 2018

Toronto Spring of Horror & Fantasy 2019

StokerCon's Final Frame 2019

Videoscream 2018

London Motion Picture Awards 2018

Loft and Loaded 2019


Written & Directed by: Ethan Evans & Sean Toshach

Produced byJack Tebb

D.O.P.Robin Niedojaldo

Prod DesignMary Dodds

Edited byEthan Evans & Sean Toshach

Post SoundJustin Reader

Casper: Ethan Phillips

Chris: Joseph Smith